• 1996 Benedetto Il Palissandro natural/rosewood, Mint, Original Hard, $29,000.00

    Guitar NEW PRICE!!! Il Palissandro is the second of two 16" archtops that Bob created in the 1990s while he was still an independent luthier, before Fender and Savannah. Bob put his heart and soul into this guitar. The soundhole itself is a thing of beauty, consisting of a cluster of openings that resemble small leaves. They help impart an acoustic voice that is balanced, refined, and pure! The top is hand-carved from select aged carved European spruce and is X-braced. The hand-carved back and the rims are made of select old-growth Indian rosewood, and the carved and bookmatched back is a thing of beauty and vibrancy. Bob created this exceptional instrument during 1995-1996, and it is in mint condition. It comes with complete and extensive provenance including copies of articles written about this guitar in various guitar publications. This is, in my opinion, one of the most sublime instruments Bob has ever created, and it cannot be duplicated today. This is truly one of the very best acoustic archtops available in the world today.
  • 1992 Benedetto Manhatten honey blonde, Near Mint, Original Hard, $17,500.00

    Guitar Before Fender and Savannah, Bob was creating all of his instruments alone in his Stroudsburg, PA studio. This superior instrument was hand-crafted there, and it embodies Bob's keen sense of artistic design and functionality. This 17" Manhattan is a one-owner guitar with a lovely carved two-piece European struck stop, a beautiful carved two-piece curly maple back, a one-piece carved curly maple neck, and the darkest ebony fretboard, bridge, tailpiece, and fingerrest. The honey blonde finish is a specialty of Bob's, and it is flawless. The guitar has a suspended Bartolini humbucking pickup with a volume control and tone switch. It comes with its original hard case, and the guitar's interior label is hand-signed by Bob. This guitar is in near-mint original condition with no issues; it plays smoothly and has a lovely, well-balance acoustic voice. When amplified, it sounds very warm and natural. Since Bob has retired, there are very few of his original instruments available - this is one of them.
  • 1999 Benedetto Manhatten 7-string honey blonde, Near Mint, Original Hard, $17,500.00

    Guitar This superb 7-string Manhattan was hand-crafted by Bob alone in his Stroudsburg, PA studio before his association with Fender and Savannah. It is made of the finest materials including European strike of the carved top, intensely figured curly maple for the 2-piece carved back, neck and sides, and the darkest ebony for the fretboard, tailpiece, bridge, and fingerrest. Bob is well-known for his 7-string archtops and has perfected their design, resulting in a well-balanced, smooth-playing 17" archtop guitar that is warm and resonant acoustically and electrically. This is also a one-owner guitar with no issues, in near-mint original condition. It is very easy to play and very pleasing to hear. It comes with its original hard case and is rather rare, since Bob is retired and no longer creating new instruments. Bob's 7-string guitars are prized and used extensively by the world's best guitarists, and the owner of this guitar was quite accomplished in his own right. Cannot be beat!
  • "The Gibson Super 400" by Thomas Van Hoose $25.00

    Guitar AVAILABLE directly from the author, the second softcover edition of the Super 400 book offers a wealth of information about Gibson's finest archtop guitar, plus the bonus of a minibook on the Gibson L5 and a chapter on competitors such as D'Angelico, Stromberg, D'Aquisto, Epiphone, and Benedetto. The softcover 2nd edition is $ 25.00 plus shipping. These can be personally autographed to the buyer or as a gift to a special friend as designated by the buyer. Come to the source for the finest archtop guitar book in print.